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    AcFREE Skin: Prescription-Strength OTC Acne Medication

    The proprietary formula of AcFREE Skin OTC acne medication contains salicylic acid that penetrates deep into follicular pores. The factors that enable AcFREE Skin to consistently deliver superior prescription-grade results for the treatment and prevention of acne across all skin types are as follows:

    1. effectively targets p. acnes bacteria, the root cause of acne infection
    Excessive growth of P. acnes bacteria beneath the skin is the primary cause of acne infection. However, to reach deep beneath the skin to the follicular pores where acne bacteria grows is very difficult because of the protective skin layer and its compositional makeup. To penetrate this semi-permeable, waterproof skin barrier, AcFREE Skin uses special, patent-pending absorptive technology that allows small, highly bactericidal molecules to pass quickly through walls and tissues of the skin's fatty, lipid layer and successfully navigate to the acne lesion site. In sharp contrast, because of its large molecular structure and unfavorable polarity, topical prescription antibiotics are slowly or poorly absorbed by the skin, and become largely caught or bound in skin tissue, rendering it virtually ineffective or clinically useless. This may explain why topical antibiotics generally are only barely better than a placebo for treating inflammatory, infected pimples. This is also true with topical retinoids. 

    2. powerfully unclogs follicular skin pores; quickly repairs damaged skin tissue
    The clogging of follicular skin pores is another critical factor in the formation of acne lesions. To treat this, AcFREE Skin contains unique, peeling agents to soften and shed the horny outer layer of the skin which often traps the sebum (oil), dead skin cells, lymphocytes, fatty acids, and bacteria that foster acne growth. Upon contact with AcFREE Skin, excess sebum or oil will dissolve and wash away, allowing the skin pores to unplug and clear away dead skin cells and bacteria. This powerful keratolytic effect and AcFREE Skin's unique tissue-repairing ability has the following benefits: 

    >> smaller skin pores: Follicular skin pores become free of clogged, unhealthy material, and shrink in size, leaving the skin looking smoother, tighter, and firmer.

    >> less shine or oily skin: Follicular sebum (oil) can diminish quickly, instead of taking weeks or months with prescription antibiotics or retinoids. In addition to improving your appearance, this reduction of sebum can minimize the future growth of acne immediately.

    >> faster healing with no scarring or pitting: Damaged skin cells heal quickly and grow, promoting radiant, healthy-looking skin, while preventing deep scarring and pitting during the recovery process.

    3. selectively uses non-irritating, anti-inflammatory ingredients
    Any skin irritation or inflammation can also trigger new acne formation or breakouts. To prevent this, AcFREE Skin, with its absorption-enhanced, anti-inflammatory compounds, including salicylic acid, was designed to keep the skin calm, soothing, and irritant-free. However, similar to benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid alone has been commonly known to cause skin irritation in acne products. As such, along with using all-natural ingredients, AcFREE Skin has uniquely altered salicylic acid to be 100% non-irritating and body-friendly, so it will quickly minimize or reduce redness, swelling, or inflammation without any associated irritation. Also contained in AcFREE Skin are natural moisturizing agents that help hydrate and soothe the skin while all the excess oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells are being stripped away from the follicular pores, preventing skin from over-drying and irritation. 

    Given AcFREE Skin's innovative and revolutionary approach to acne treatment and prevention, along with its unique, all-in-one therapeutic system, make AcFREE Skin your choice for OTC acne medicine for clearer, healthier skin. You're not acne-free until you're AcFree! 


    for spot acne/pimple: Gently squeeze a small drop of AcFREE Skin solution onto your palm and then use your fingertips to apply the solution to the acne lesion(s) 2 to 4 times a day. For large pimples or severe acne, you should apply twice each time in order to speed up the healing process. After application, please do not wash the skin area in 2 or 3 hours. Please remember you can continue to use AcFREE Skin throughout the day because cleaning the skin prior to application is not necessary for effective use. After healing (shrinking or flattening) the inflamed pimple, recovery of skin condition to normal may take one week or longer.

    for multiple or extensive acne/pimples: For patients with a lot of pimples on the face, AcFREE Skin should be applied to the entire acne-infected area 2 to 4 times per day (including twice in the evening) during the first week or until all the pimples are shrunk or flattened. This indicates a virtual eradication of infection or healing of pimples. See below for prevention or minimization of new acne formation and the skin recovery process.

    for whiteheads and blackheads: Apply AcFREE Skin solution to the dry, clean area of whiteheads and/or blackheads 2 to 4 times a day until they disappear. This process should generally take a few days, plus longer for blackheads (depending on its age and severity).

    for nodules and cysts: Nodules are firm, red, painful bumps that lie underneath the skin, and cysts are deep skin infections. AcFREE Skin is likely to help alleviate these types of skin conditions. However, it may require up to several weeks with 2 to 4 times of daily application.

    for prevention of new acne formation and maintaining healthy skin: In order to prevent or minimize new acne formation, and to facilitate the recovery phase, you should continue to apply AcFREE Skin OTC acne medication to the entire acne-prone area twice a day for several months or longer as needed. As part of your daily regimen, you should also wash your face in the morning and evening with facial soap or a mild cleanser.